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Black and Red Scarf Handmade in Tokyo 【198cm】

Black and Red Scarf Handmade in Tokyo 【198cm】

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The power of a handmade scarf
We will not forget our original intentions, and our design will continue to evolve. The red and black design is the symbol of Blabla Hospital. The red gauze is sooo punk. Bla Bla Nurse will never forget the time in London. Every now and again, she goes back to her beginnings and recreates the style from her London days. This is her indie spirit. It was a cold winter in England, wasn't it? It warmed the necks of her cute blabla patients in London. In Japan, kawaii style designs appeared more in Blablahospital. But the London punk spirit of the blabla nurses is alive and well. We are now bringing Tokyo punk from Japan to the world. (applaud!? I applaud here. 
Did you applaud?I do not see you.But I hope you did.) Thank you for reading!

 Item description
Size: Free
Fabrics : wool cotton mixed 
Colour: black and red
Cleaning instructions:

*This is an image. Nurse caps and tops are not included.


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