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Gauze dress cross paint design Handmade Japanese fashion style

Gauze dress cross paint design Handmade Japanese fashion style

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Handmade Sleeveless short dress 

Cute but cool, cool but cute!!! Blablanurse enjoyed cutting out the red gauze like  this. one of her favorite fabrics for sure! And you?  t's like this part flew to you and stuck on your chest. (what kind of situation is that! but sounds like you are working on the mysterious dark street alone in a windy day...and....okay I'll stop talking about it now I just realized that this is a description section of the product page oops!)!. We hope these untrimmed fabric parts will look even better in the future. The more you wear, the more punk! Have fun dressing up!

*Non-stretch, pullover type

* it is slightly transparent & asymmetrical in length, please wear innerwear/underskirt etc. if necessary, for reference of actual size! If you are unsure about the size, please contact us. 

*Handmade, each piece is hand-painted by blablanurse

Garment measurements:
(measured flat)
Front length :64cm
Back length : 86cm
Chest width (armpit to armpit) : 56cm

Fabrics :

Cleaning instructions:
hand wash only

Display dummy dimensions:
 chest 82cm waist 63cm hips 88cm legs 91cm

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