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【Size Request Order】 Blabla Patient Wristband - Mysterious Japanese Writing Design

【Size Request Order】 Blabla Patient Wristband - Mysterious Japanese Writing Design

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Size - button to button (Pls pick plus 2-3cm bigger than your actual wrist size)

 "What does it say?"

Hehehe, these are mysterious and wondrous words from Blablanurse. Some medical words like

御見舞-visit someone in the hospital/ Get well

治療中- -under medical treatment

....some words and stories came to her mind, and she wrote them down...

Mysterious nonsense writing:

When she had a market stall in London, Japanese tourists walked past her shop and said, "Wow, look! There are Japanese writings on these clothes!" They continued talking about it, something like, "This is definitely not written by Japanese." As soon as Blablanurse heard that, she came out of the shop and said, "HELLO!!!!" The Japanese tourists were shocked and ran away...She has no idea why they ran away, haha.

Even though we are Japanese and speak Japanese, sometimes we can't understand each other. She made lovely friends in the UK, even though her English was broken. Language is mystery.

Design /Style

A, C,  E - Wristband front color Red /Back color Black

B and D are denim wristbands

Width -5cm-6.5cm depended on design.

Thinnest one is 5cm denim wristband design B.

Widest one is 6.5cm denim wristband  design D


Blablanurse will adjust the size for  you! Please select plus 2-3cm bigger than your actual wrist size.   ( Depended on how tight/ loose u want to wear.)


Handmade by Blablanurse ;D I get a blister from doing this!!

I'd like to shout like Rigno Starr, "I've got blisters on my fingers!"

For actual wrist size a15cm,  17cm for just fit size, 18cm for loose fit (you can rotate the  wristband easily. Can put a finger so easy to take off the button.)  

Depended on design/fabric, we might slightly adjust the size u requested. 

Please contact us if you are worried about the size! We can give advice ;D

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