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Blabla Theme Colors! Gothic Lolita Punk J Fashion Handmade Armcover 

Blabla Theme Colors! Gothic Lolita Punk J Fashion Handmade Armcover 

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Are you read to read all this? 

Dear patient, I feel like I'm writing a lot today. I know this is not a blog section haha. Oops, I just laughed at the description section. What kind of fashion brand is that? yes, this is the kind of fashion label, isnt it. init initttt! If you want a normal thing please get clothes from a normal shop ahhaa This is the world of BLABLA! Blabla fashion !? just clothes to wear? just a fashion? hmmmm. I have the world you have the world. yeah! It7s like wearing the whole world!you now~!

Blablanurse is like a bull 

Yesterday I made this arm cover. I got the new fabric and I got so excited. I wanted to make this and many ideas came out by just looking at these fabrics. It's because this is one of my favorite colors. yes yes obviously!  Blablahospital's main theme colors aren't they? I feel like I'm a bull or something that these colors make me SUPER EXCITED! full of imaginations come out. I get into the world so quickly!  I couldn't stop making...

This is the one! Which one? This one!

I don't like leaving unfinished work, so I shouldn't cut too much fabric at first but every time I cut the fabric, I had another design in my mind, so I kept cutting fabrics a lot and then started sewing later on ... I couldn't finish off everything. I still have unfinished arm covers ..but I managed to finish this arm cover and another two. Phew! Yes, this is the one! this is the one!! I hope you will like it ;D  Thank you for visiting here and reading all this!  From Blablanurse

Garment measurements:
(measured flat)
Length : 42cm
arms size: Top 34m -wrist bottom 25cm
*You can adjust the size with the stretch lace ribbons 
Fabrics : Cotton
slightly stretch
Cleaning instructions:
hand wash
Sold individually


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