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TOKYO PUNK! T-shirt & Wristband Set Sample-Second hand remade Tshirt Size:S

TOKYO PUNK! T-shirt & Wristband Set Sample-Second hand remade Tshirt Size:S

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Ready for Tokyo Punk fashion? 

I was listening to some old music and it really took me back. You know how it is, you just have to stick with your own style no matter what the trends are..! YES! This is so Blablahospital! Anyway the old music I love  got me thinking back to when I started Blablahospital. I was making a  custom vintage designs in London back then. I like the feeling of "reborn" making old clothes into new. So I took that inspiration and I grabbed the striped T shirt (which I was using for sample for photo shooting etc) and started making this new T-shirt. 

This T shirt made me feel like I WANNA GO TO A GIG! (small gig!!! maybe to go to see a friend band! something like that ) I always want to make clothes that you can feel something when u see them. Also when u wear them! They make you feel special! of course! that's why I can't stop making handmade clothing you know!!

You might as well have a wristband to go with the T-shirt, yeah? So, I'm selling them as a set. Woo hoo!

Garment measurements:

Size: S
(measured flat)
Front length :40cm 
Back length : 48cm
Chest width (armpit to armpit) : 38cm

Fabrics :

Cleaning instructions: 
handwash only

Display dummy dimensions:
 chest 82cm waist 63cm hips 88cm legs 91cm

*The T shirt is a second hand/used


(measured flat)
length :21cm
Width : 5cm
Fits wrists 16cm 

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Tシャツ色々 制作してるからね!チェックチェック!




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