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Yamikawaii Harajuku fashion sickness Printed Big T shirt

Yamikawaii Harajuku fashion sickness Printed Big T shirt

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Oh wow, this is one of the popular designs for Yamikawa fashion blabla patients in Tokyo. White lace version was all sold out. Thank you very much! Now here is a new one with red and white ribbons! They hang down - in a sickly kawaii way. The Kawaii sickness Harajuku fashion is ready♪ Depending on the height,It could be like a short dress, so people wear the loose fit tee with knee-high socks♥That'll be so sick!  Full surface printed T-shirt is so bloody and there are many design details on it. It looks as if it was scratched with some squeaky fingernail...there are writing in Japanese kanji says "御見舞”(omimai)”.and so on and on, please enjoy the design details!!

*This is a uniform type of polyester / smooth, sporty, lightweight material.

This T-shirt is made of light polyester, so it is designed for fall and winter, when you can enjoy layering and other coordination rather than wearing it alone in the hot and humid midsummer season. For summer T-shirts, we recommend cotton fabric T-shirts.>Would you like to see another Tshirts?

*Please note that there may be some white parts in the collar and seam lines due to the full surface print.

Size: 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 cm.
(Lay-flat measurement)
Front length: 64cm
Back length: 72cm
Chest width: 63cm
Sleeve length: 22cm

Sports uniform type light dry material.
It is printed all over the white fabric. The inner side is all white.

Mannequin size:.
Bust 82cm, Waist 63cm, Hips 88cm, Inseam 91cm


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