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Blabla Patient wristband Tokyo punk 2023! Original Knitted design Black and Red wristband FACES

Blabla Patient wristband Tokyo punk 2023! Original Knitted design Black and Red wristband FACES

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Ahhh do you know I've been into knitting since last year? I've been knitting every now and again in my life, but this year is my first year creating knitted items  for my patients!

As you know,(maybe?) I've been making this blabla wristbands for many years. and this is new thing that I used my original knitted piece. 

Yes..I knitted the design part by a knitting machine. 100% original blablaworld!!

Are you still punk? STILL? Can I say like this? Can't quit being punk right? It's not the thing that u can quit, haha because this is not a "fashion" punk, right? not just a fashion. It's time to wear PUNK!!! NOW IS NOW!  What am I trying to say here...haha I hope you will understand ...I mean u can get my telepathy! 

Blablahosptital makes wristbands like a monster!!CRAZY!


Blablahospital respects musicians. Drummers get blisters. Blablanurse gets blisters as well using this hand press. She has a press machine, but this time she used the hand press one, like she used to do when she started this fashion label. 


Item description
Garment measurements:
(measured flat)
length :22cm
Width : 5.5cm  
Approximately you know. I didn't use ruler this time for these wristbands. Of course this is blabla way. This is not a factory. I make one by one. I want to show off this is HANDMADE!!!  "Did you make it?" If someone told u that , let me know. I like the world like this someone comes up and talk to you. Blabla telepathyyy.

Fits wrists 16-17cm 

Button to button :18cm
* If you are worried about the size of the wristband, please contact us! Friendly!! don't worry! just say hello and tell us the wrist size:D don't be scared of our nurses!! 

Fabrics :
wristband base Linen 

Cleaning instructions:
hand wash


Blabla Patient wristbands have a lot of memories and history. 



sending a parcel one by one ;D from Japan 

 We are very exciting about getting orders from all over the world. Because why!! whyyy y from Blablahospital? We are small fashion label in Tokyo. How did you find us. This is handmade brand you know!! THANK YOU x 1000000000000!!! You must be addicted!! You are our blablapatients!! hehehe

【MORE Black and Red? This is our theme color as you know. LOVE BLACK AND RED!】





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