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The "Printed" T-shirt Knit Patch Design Collection

The "Printed" T-shirt Knit Patch Design Collection

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SOLD OUT : Thank you for choosing the Tshirts!!! It's proof that there are people who understand my art! I'm over the moon!!


Hello! Thank you for checking out my work here!

This is the latest Blabla "Printed" T-shirt collection.

By the way, do you have any printed T-shirts? I have a few, but they were all gifts from people, and mostly are band T-shirts, haha. (Blablanurse loves musicians.) She rarely purchases printed T-shirts herself. The most recent one she got was a Beatles T-shirt from London, a gift from her dad, haha. Yes, she does wear printed T-shirts occasionally, but why doesn't she create more of them? Every now and again people ask her to make printed T shirts but she's been so slow to make!! Why is that? We all know they're easy to wear and appeal to everyone, but... this is a story!


【The story of printed T-shirt by Blablanurse】

During my indie days, or rather, I'm still indie, I just want to say 'indie', here okay?

Anyway, This is my early day of my brand story. I was selling clothes at a small market stall in London.

Nowadays, it's a well-known market, but at the beginning, it was like a newly established market, yet many people came to visit the shop on weekends.

There was a new thing called Friday fashion market. To be honest, that market was  tough because there were very few people. Looking back, I can admit that I felt very frustrated at the time, especially seeing nearby trader selling printed T-shirts much more successfully than I was. haha.

The price of the T-shirt I had worked so hard on was only £10 more than the price of the ones they were selling.

I knew that printed T-shirts were easy to wear and sell, but I still didn't produce them.

I was so frustrated then, but in hindsight, I realized that I don't think it was a comparison to be made.

That rebellious feeling remains with me to this day. I have produced printed T-shirts before, but in limited quantities. I even have one of printed Tshirt too (this much strict!!I What for? Am I stupid? ) However, I am not able to sell just regular printed T-shirts because I have customised printed T-shirts in the end....I have even customised printed tights and turned them into skirts. Now you can see, ahah This is my style -The punk spirit within me rebels.

This is my honest feeling and thoughts  about printed T-shirts. My patients  contacts me wanting printed T-shirts. (actually I want one too, but I need to fight to my punk spirit first) I'd love to design some regular printed T-shirts again someday.

Sooooooooo,, This is how defiantly my printed T-shirt collection has turned out this time.

This will be the BLA printed T-shirt. I hope you'll understand the world of my art.

I'll continue to create what I want in my own style.

Please select the design:

Design B - Grey T-shirt  -The biggest size in the collection

Front length : 68cm 
Back length : 76cm
Chest : 57cm
Sleeve length: 24cm

Design C - Black T-shirt 

 Front length : 64cm 
Back length : 70cm
Chest : 55cm
Sleeve length: 22cm

Design D -White T-shirt- the smallest one in the collection

Front length : 63cm 
Back length : 69cm
Chest : 54cm
Sleeve length: 21cm

*Garment measurements:(measured flat)

 Fabrics :


Cleaning instructions: 
handwash only

Display dummy dimensions:
Men's body: B95 W75 H96 around neck 37 shoulder47 
Ladies body B82 W63  H88cm legs 91cm


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Thank you for being my patients!

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