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I feel like it took many years to complete this design series. Like the Sagrada Familia, I keep on building

I've been knitting since I was a kid! I got my first knitting machine when I was in high school and I was super excited to get home and start knitting my own clothes! If I had fallen in love with knitting machines back then, I'd be a knitwear designer by now. But when I took knitting machine lessons, my skills weren't up to par with what I wanted to make. So, I stuck with knitting as a hobby. As time went by, As my creativity grew and BLABLAHOSPITAL evolves, I return to my handmade roots. The process of making something from a single fine thread is very exciting. I was finally able to finish my first blabla punk knit work and felt like we had finally come this far!!  To be honest, it takes a while to make all these, but I've never created a brand that I wouldn't make just because it takes a long time. Especially I've decided to go for "indie fashion label forever" with my punk spirit, I even turned down individual orders to practice on the knitting machine. I called this my knitting machine training period in my creative life. 

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"I fell in love with this clothes!" This is one of our happy feedback. Blabla-headnurse is extremely happy to hear that, because she designs and makes them. Each item is special and personal! Handmade Power connections!!

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