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Japanese Gothic and Lolita Fashion headdress Handmade

Japanese Gothic and Lolita Fashion headdress Handmade

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 There it is! Here it is! This is it!  The gothic lolita look is so retro and sweet! The punk red gauze hangs down, and hand-written mysterious letters by blablanurse. Are you going to try to read it? One of our blablapatients told me a story. Her friend started to read the writings and she didn't even notice it. How? It seems like people read more than the person who wear it!! Ohh Actually people are looking at you. Let's dress up more then and show it off!!  Blabla designs are full. No time to rest..full of details. They could be just part of the designs, but please enjoy every small detail, and having a story related to the clothes is always fun. Blabla clothes live life with you too.  I wonder where are you going with these headdresses. Who are you going to meet? Now, now, let's look at the reverse side. Handwriting is hidden. The design on where you can't see it? That's very Blablanurse thing. She loves doing such things, doesn't she?Secret design is always fun. Secret and hidden sounds like a small details, but look at that!! She wrote a lot on it! that part can be a piece of art!? She can't live it blank, right? hehehe. Please enjoy wearing it❤ for your blabla goth Lolita  fashion!

Item description

Garment measurements:
(measured flat)

Fabrics :
cotton polyester /Lace part nylon Polyurethane

race ribbon
quantity: 1

*Handmade/hand-painted one by one

We have color and design variations! Please check the headdress category!



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