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Tokyo Punk J-fashion Lolita Headdress Handmade Red and White

Tokyo Punk J-fashion Lolita Headdress Handmade Red and White

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This is the vibe! Yeah, that's how I feel! The red yarn is so cute ♥ Yarn is so cute ♥ Yarn is so cute ♥ I just said that twice yes..Oh my gosh! When I see my favourite colour, I feel like a bull... haha. So excited! BLABLA's Lolita fashion, "Blalita", goes! 

Hello and thank you so much for coming here! Have you ever knitted anything in your life?  I've been making knit clothes for myself, but I haven't made any for my patients, awww I sound so mean!!  so this year I decided to make for Blablahospital. Annndddd You know what, I've already sold my first design series! and I'm over the moon. I'm so thankful!!! So that I can keep making!! To be honest knitting...takes time!!! Time flies super quickly when I start knitting, you I wasn't able to make it for everyone, but but..  But what? Blablahospital is a super handmade one-off design label! I should keep going! I want to create things that I want!!

This time I have made headdresses for you! Yay! I hope I'll be able to make more knitted clothing. please let me keep making ;D hehhee

Oh My Punk Spirit! made me do this. I can't stop making them!!!

I was super amazed that I'm creating something from scratch!

These very thin threads will become a piece of material.

I feel great! And you? Do you feel anything about this design?

Looking at it, if you feel anything, then you are on my side! I mean, we can see the same creative world! Congratulations! yeah!

I hope you like it! Enjoy dressing up!

Product Description

Garment measurements:
(measured flat)8x19cm

Wear it with ;
Use hairpins/ clips to hold it in place if you need to!

Washing: Hand wash
Hand wash.

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We have color and design variations! Please check the headdress category!



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