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『Fashion Sick Patients』Long Sleeve T-shirt Collection Short Length Design

『Fashion Sick Patients』Long Sleeve T-shirt Collection Short Length Design

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Dear Blabla Patients,
Thank you for visiting here!

I wonder who is going to wear these ;D

Dear future patients!? or Maybe YOUUU!! Are you gonna get one? hehehee!

If one angle changes, the position of all the parts changes

The way the thread hangs, the placement of the stitches, their positions – it might all seem chaotic, but the balance is carefully maintained. It's not a deliberately random design. My style is to express my natural sense 100%. Making clothes as I paint.

The honest answer

When I am creating, I don't think about anything. This is my honest answer. It might sound strange to say that it comes together unconsciously. However, I believe this is what true art is for me! ;It's my style! Not over-calculated. Something that comes out straightforwardly. Not following trends.

I sound like an annoyingly serious artist boo!

(Wow this writings looks serious. My goal is people to feel my clothes, so you don't need to read anything here, you can see the clothes and I hope u can feel something. Ideal answer will be: I love them!  No matter what. I want you to feel like you love it so much that you can't put it into words!


Please select the design: Pink or White

Size : Garment measurements:(measured flat)

Front length : 37cm 
Back length : 44 cm
Chest : 54cm
Sleeve length: 58cm

Front length : 34cm 
Back length : 48 cm
Chest : 54cm
Sleeve length: 58cm

 Fabrics :

Design part : Cotton Polyester etc

Cleaning instructions: 
handwash only

Display dummy dimensions:
Ladies body B82 W63  H88cm legs 91cm

Made in Tokyo

Design Color: Please pick the design!
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Thank you for being my patients!

Wear what - you want - when you want - how you want
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