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【Size Request Order】New Blabla Winter Patient Wristband Collection

【Size Request Order】New Blabla Winter Patient Wristband Collection

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Size - button to button (Pls pick plus 2-3cm bigger than your actual wrist size)

Only Design C left! Thank you for ordering ;))

STORY: Wear the wristband, so you won't get lost here. 

Everything will be okay ;D" She, said.

I can't stop myself from wanting to go back to using a domestic sewing machine from time to time!

Am I weird? 

I used to use a domestic sewing machine for making blablahospital early times. I was sewing from Monday to Friday and having a stall on the weekend. One day A Japanese woman who had also a market stall told me to use an industrial sewing machine. I've been using an  industrial sewing machine since then. I was amazed how fast and beautiful I could sew.

However, every now and again, my indie punk spirit misses the domestic sewing machine.

Lately, this feeling gets stronger and stronger. Now I have a domestic sewing machine again right next to my industrial sewing machine. Maybe it doesn't matter to you, but for me this is important. I switch these two sewing machines to make the wristbands. Using the domestic sewing machine makes more "handmade" feeling and I love it!

I stick to the indie period. The wristbands I have been making since I started my brand are my treasured items.

Will I be able to make handmade wristbands for the rest of my life? I believe that real punk has to feel intuitively handmade one by one. Thank you for choosing my one-of-a-kind wristband!


Blablanurse will adjust the size for  you!

Please select plus 2-3cm bigger than your actual wrist size.   ( Depended on how tight/ loose u want to wear.)

Your  wrist size is 15cm >recommend size  for just fit =17cm, For loose fit =18cm (you can rotate the  wristband easily. Can put a finger so easy to take off the button.)  

Depended on design/fabric, we might slightly adjust the size u requested. 

Please contact us if you are worried about the size! We can give advice ;D 


-Handmade one by one

-Width about 6-6.5cm

-Jumper hook button

-Wool mixed fabric /Back side cotton 100%


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We carefully pack each piece of clothing, as if we were sending them on a journey. They will make their way to you across the sea. We are always excited to know where we get order from!!