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Thank you for visiting! Honestly, I'm very excited who is reading here today. This is Blabla nurse Ako, The designer of Blablahospital speaking! 

This is not just a fashion label as you can already feel something... I'm not just making clothes. I've been creating the world of Blablahospital with my lovely patients!

Can you easily dive into this world?

Entrance at Blablahospital
Video: Our introductory lecture to the Blabla world 

Congratulations! You are in Blablahospital!

If you're still here, then can I call you a patient? Not yet? hehehe.


With so many clothing options out there, I'm excited that you're checking out my creation. If someone chooses my clothes, it means they understand my world - and that makes me feel incredibly special. I can feel  you're the type of person who can get my blabla telepathy with your creative and playful mind :)

A lot of my patients are super creative and independent, and I'd like to share my creative energy with you through my clothing.

Thank you for reading! Enjoy staying here and have fun this world with our blabla characters! and Get well soon!

From Blabla Nurse 


Mrs Teller
Hello! Are you still there?


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Styling Fashion Photo shooting Costume designs 

Events and pop up shops 

We have  pop-up stores and events at fashion shopping centers in Tokyo!
Please wait for the next coming up event! 

Laforet Harajuku -Aitokyouki no Market:2024 

Blablahospital Stockist in Japan

I started a small market stall in London, and my time selling there is definitely one of my most treasured memories. However, it was pretty tough. There was one time when it was raining and my clothes got wet. At that moment, I strongly felt that one day I would like to sell in a shop with A ROOF!

Now, I am living the dream. My clothes are safe! They are in a huge shopping centre in central Tokyo.

Even though I stock clothes in various shops, I still want to maintain Blablahospital as an "indie fashion label." My spirit hasn't changed since I started, so my clothing remains limited in boutiques. Please let me know if you'd like to see specific items before visiting the shops, or you can check them out on Instagram.


■0101 Anex 7F  Kerashop
Address: 3-1-26, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan

Gothic /Harajuku fashion and Japanese pop culture blogger, La Carmina recommend Blablahospital in Tokyo Cheapo article about the Goth scene in Tokyo! If you love alternative Japanese street fashion, check out her blog! and enjoy travelling Japan!